Help Us Protect Access to Colorado's Iconic 14ers!

Colorado’s majestic 14,000 ft peaks scrape the sky and have the ability to take our collective breath away. Unfortunately, several of these peaks have closed due to liability concerns from private landowners. Long-term access to Mt Lincoln, Mt Democrat, Mt Bross, Mt Cameron, and Mt Lindsay is in serious risk. The FIX CRUS Coalition needs your help protect access to these peaks. 

Contribute to our Campaign to Protect Free Outdoor Recreation Access!

These classic 14ers are the most prominent example of public access closures but landowners across the state have closed their gates in recent years due to liability concerns. 

The Fix CRUS Coalition needs your help to amend the Colorado Recreational Use Statute (CRUS) in order restore confidence in liability protections from the state and regain free public access for outdoor recreation. 

Our aim is to restore public access to these closed 14ers and other closed trails across the state. Together we can  ensure that future generations can experience the awe-inspiring beauty of our state’s highest peaks.

We’re asking for your support today. 

Your generous donation will fuel our advocacy efforts, support our legal battle, and help us increase public awareness about this pressing issue. Your contributions will go directly towards:

  • Advocacy: Help us create  the necessary policy changes in state statute
  • Research: Enable us to collect robust user  data to support our policy change and strengthen our cause.
  • Awareness: Spread the word!  Fund outreach campaigns to build public awareness and apply pressure on decision-makers to take action.  

Together, we can unlock the gates that bar us from our own beautiful backyard. We can ensure that everyone, regardless of who owns the land, has the right to experience the majesty of Colorado’s 14ers.

You can make a difference. Donate today and become a crucial part of this noble endeavor.

No matter the size, every donation brings us one step closer to our goal. We appreciate your generous contribution and support in our mission to reclaim the right to explore Colorado’s highest peaks.

Together, we can reach new heights. Thank you for your support!

Please note that donations to the Fix CRUS Coalition are not tax-deductible. 

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