ACCESS DENIED: Map of Colorado Land Closures Due to Liability Risk

Mt Democrat: CLOSED

Mt Lincoln: CLOSED

Mt Lindsey: CLOSED

Kittredge Creek Access: CLOSED

Rim-the-Peak Trail Construction: STALLED

Horse Thief Trail: RE-ROUTED

Air Force Academy Bike Path: CLOSED

Mt Wilson Rock of Ages Trail: RE-ROUTED

Bear Creek Basin: CLOSED

This isn’t just a 14er problem – as word continues to spread about this issue, more trails, routes, and areas are closing. Meanwhile, trail construction projects and efforts to secure new easements are also running into landowner concerns about liability.

The map on the right is our effort to document these various situations across the state. Hover over one of the icons to learn more about each trail, peak, or area. Our Land Closure Map documents the following situations:

  • CLOSED: Trails, routes, or areas are currently closed indefinitely to the public.
  • RE-ROUTED: A trail or route was closed due to liability risk and had to be re-routed at public expense to restore access.
  • STALLED: Attempts to develop new trails, routes, or access to hunting or camping areas has stalled due to landowner liability concerns.

Know of a similar situation? Contact our team and we can add it to the map and database.

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