In 2024, our Coalition of 49 organizations successfully updated the Colorado Recreational Use Statute (CRUS) to strengthen protection for landowners. Learn more and order a new CRUS Warning Sign below!

Order a CRUS Warning Sign from the Fix CRUS Coalition

The Colorado Recreational Use Statute provides extra protection to landowners who install a sign at the primary access point(s) to their land with a warning statement provided by statute.

To reduce the burden of granting access, the Fix CRUS Coalition designed signs to make available for landowners who want to install them on their land. Fill out the form on the right to request a warning sign. The first 100 signs are free; after that, they will cost a nominal fee.

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The Colorado Recreational Use Statute (CRUS) protects free public access to land for hiking, climbing, and other recreation.

Outdoor recreation is an important part of Colorado culture and the economy, employing 125,000 workers and contributing $11.6 billion to the state. While Colorado is home to huge tracts of public land, growing recreation demands mean privately owned or managed land also play a critical role.

Recognizing the public interest in accessing private land for recreation, the state created the Colorado Recreational Use Statute (CRUS) to provide liability protection to landowners that allow public recreational use of their land free of charge.

Many landowners have lost confidence in the protections of the CRUS and are closing their land to the public.

For many years, the CRUS worked to protect landowners and incentivize open access for hiking, climbing, and biking. However, a recent lawsuit demonstrated that the current version of the CRUS leaves landowners vulnerable to liability for recreational injuries on their property if they fail to adequately warn them of all known hazards.

This development created a growing chilling effect as landowners, concerned about liability and lawsuits, closed access to their land, including areas where they previously allowed access. Five Colorado 14ers, dozens of trails, and hundreds of acres of land have closed to the public, with many more at risk of closing in the future.

The Fix CRUS Coalition is working to make more private lands accessible for public recreation - but we need your help to do it.

Colorado is growing. Outdoor recreation is getting more popular each year. Millions of visitors flock to our state each year. We need access to more land, more trails, and more wild spaces than ever. The Fix CRUS Coalition is working to restore, protect, and expand public recreation access on private lands by strengthening ths CRUS. 

Learn more about the impacts of the current status quo below –  or take action now.

What Does the CRUS Protect?

Hiking and Backpacking

Five fourteeners, dozens of thirteeners, and miles of hiking trails are located on private land. Some are already closed and many more are at risk.

Protect Access to the Peaks and Trails You Love

Take action to restore access to peaks like Mount Lindsey and Mount Lincoln for hiking and peak bagging.
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Rock Climbing

Bouldering, lead and trad climbing routes are often found on private property, with access dependent on their willingness to accept potential liability risk.

Keep Climbing Areas Open and Accessible to the Public

Take action to preserve and expand access to pristene lead and trad climbing routes all across Colorado.
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Mountain Biking

Many mountain biking areas remain closed due to the liability concerns associated with the sport - and now current areas may close too.

Support Expanding Mountain Biking Access in Colorado

Stronger liability protections help convince landowners to allow mountain biking on their property.
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Backcountry Snowsports

Numerous backcountry ski lines and touring routes pass across private land, mine claims, and agricultural lands that can close off access at anytime without warning.

Keep the Backcountry Open and Accessible

Take action to protect backcountry access for Colorado skiers and snowboarders.
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Long-Distance Racing

From the Leadville 100 to the Pikes Peak Marathon, many long-distance races and ultramarathons pass through private property.

Support the Long-Distance Racing Community

Help keep iconic races like the Leadville 100 going strong and take action now.
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Boating & Whitewater

From swimming and fishing to boating and rafting, most water-related recreation activities sometimes require private land access.

Keep Colorado Waterways Open

Help us provide landowners more clarity and protection if they provide free open access to shoreline on their property.
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Meet our Coalition Members

Our collaborative approach includes non-profits, small businesses and large corporations, government agencies and local governments, land managers and land owners, and many others who support free public access to recreation in Colorado. Meet all of our members and how to join the coalition below.

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